Spirit Nobles

According to the Spirit of Compassion and Justice:

All Spirit Nobles have three components: The person, the place, and the thing.

The person is the individual who seeks to become a Spirit Noble.
The place is the sanctuary of the domain.
The thing is the domain itself.

When a domain first gains a Spirit Noble, the sanctuary location is set. This location will remain constant even if the person filling the Spirit Noble position changes.

There is an entity who has not revealed itself to anyone I have ever met or heard stories of. This entity is responsible for maintaining the Spirit Noble positions and the rules that govern them. Anyone attempting to gain a Spirit Noble position must prove to this entity that he, she, or it is suitable and fit for the position. If the position cannot be filled, or if the person making the attempt is not fit enough for the position, that individual is cursed. Individual curses vary, but in every case that I have known, the curse is exceptionally painful, prohibits the individual from ever attempting to become a Spirit Noble again, and, particularly in the case of humans, extends their natural life.

Spirit Nobles have a moderate amount of control over their domain. To a limited extent they can create it, destroy it, and change its nature. Usually, large or severe changes take an enormous amount of power, usually over a long period of time. In the short term, smaller changes can occur, as long as those changes are within the domain of the individual Spirit Noble.

If a domain used to have a Spirit Noble and does not anymore, the domain can sometimes undergo odd or unexpected changes. After all, without someone to manage the domain, it takes on a mind of its own.

Spirit Nobles

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