The Spirits of Life and Death create the world.

Spirits of Life and Death withdraw from the lives of their children.

Spirits get impatient.

Why are humans different from spirits? Humans are the spirits who want to grow/create/work fast, and have sacrificed much of their lifespan to attain ingenuity and pragmatism.

The first child of a human and a spirit, Danya, is born.

Was the child, Danya (God’s Gift) well received by both humans and spirits? He was rejected by humans but wants to be with them.

Spirit of Compassion vanishes.

How did humans react to the disappearance of the Spirit of Compassion? They became self-governing and developed laws.
What was the problem with the replacement for the Spirit of Compassion? The Spirit of Justice who was too strict and hands-on.

The Spirits are Silent

The spirits attempt and succeed in making Elementals.

Humans harness fire.

How did the spirits aid the humans in harnessing fire? As a test, the Spirit of Fire, daughter of the Spirit of Life, gave the humans fire elementals.

The spirits withdraw from interactions with the humans.

Who discovered the Spirits were gone? Solada, The Listener, claimed to find the Temple of Compassion “empty”, claims to be reincarnate.

Humanity discovers the latent spiritual power within themselves.

The Golden Age

Empress Solada dies suddenly, leaving behind her heir, Azadeh.

Was Azadeh ready for the throne? No, ruling was taken care of by her father (who was out of the line of succession.)

Humanity creates Currency.

Empress Azadeh declares Caste System enforcement within her lands.

Do spirits have names? Spirits take on human names and identities to insinuate themselves among them.

The Hunting Begins.

Humans want more power, so they go after the spirits.

Why did humans want more power? Humans wanted to make up for the lack of spirits.

Humans capture and murder the Spirit of Life inside its sanctuary.

How does the Spirit of Death take this news? No one knows, as they were found dead the next day.

Heir is born. Mystics believe them to be a reincarnate of a spirit.

The Children of Life, a group led by the Spirit of Fire, strike back, destroying the town of Milaka.


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