The Hunting

Session 13

The group was dropped off on the far end of the river. The fisherwoman and apprentice did not stick around for too long. On the other side of the river, the group saw steep banks heading up towards the mountains. Tai, not mincing words, headed directly up to dry land. Putra and Lestari followed.

In the foothills, the group found a small village of humans. They made their way down the hill to the village. The group noticed that, one, they did not see any beggar types, and two, they could not really tell caste by clothing.

The group entered via farms on the outskirts. They received some strange looks coming through, the farmers were curious as to why the group was coming from the east. When the group got into the village, Putra started by pickpocketing a coin. He noticed that it appeared slightly differently than our coins, and was a different material. He then got it to Lestari.

At this point, Tai suggested that the group go into an eatery. The one that the group found was a diner type, where they got bread, fruits and vegetables. The group asked if there is anything that they should know about the village. The waitress did not know what to say, and asked where the group is from. The group replied by saying that they are from the east. The waitress was concerned.

The group continued to ask questions. They learned that the ancestors of the people here were not accepted by the eastern nobility. The group then realized that they did not have the money to pay for their meal, so they offered to help as much as they could. The girl asked for information about eastern leadership. Lestari answered that Ratu had recently passed, and unwittingly gave herself away by instinct. The waitress barely kept from asking a question, then bolted.

The group then left for the foothills. A dragon flew past, picked up a cougar, and then flew back. The group made it to the top of the mountain. They decided to rest at the top. At this point, they heard a large explosion sound and saw a large bonfire start. Putra started at the noise, then hid away. Eventually the group settled down, and fell asleep.

In the morning, the group woke up. They approached the point on the map, which was where the bonfire was. The group found people and dragons there, and noticed that it exhudes mysticism. The group decided that the best option was for Putra to go in invisibly. The first thing that Putra discovered is that, yes, the dragons and people can talk to each other. The people were very respectful to the dragons.

The building was huge. Inside, Putra found a throne room with a balcony. From there, Putra continued to explore the building.

Meanwhile, Tai explored around the outside, and Lestari meditated. Lestari was contacted by Mysticism, who asked if he could help. Lestari replied by asking if there was a way to face the Spirit of Life and Death without also dealing with his dragons.

Putra continued exploring.

Lestari and Tai decided to go find a cave. At this point, Putra teleported back. He briefed Tai and Lestari on they layout and filled them in on the fact that the dragons were treated with deference.

Then, a dragon flew into the cave they were in. It was very annoyed, to say the least, that the group had entered its home uninvited. It spoke to the group, after Lestari tried to touch its leg to cast a speaking spell. It said that humans had promised to leave the dragons’ homes alone.

At this point, negotiations ensued. The dragon wanted to know why the group was there. Tai said that the group was there to investigate the role of Dragons with Life and Death. The dragon was confused,. Tai explained that the group had heard in the east that the spirit of Life and Death had allied himself with dragons. At this, the dragon snorted. Putra asked the dragon to explain itself further. The dragon responded by saying that there was no formal agreement, the Spirit of Life and Death appeared and positioned himself in such a way that the dragons could not make him leave. He had basically made slaves of the dragons. Putra determined that the Spirit of Life and Death had a third domain, dragons. This was how he forced the dragons to obey him.

At this point, the group had some philosophical discussions with the dragon. After a while, the group was finished talking with the dragon, and they bid there farewells. The dragon asked for the group’s forgiveness for what it may have to do. The group then discussed how to move forwards.

Session 11

Where we last left off, the party was at the sanctuary of death. Lestari for the most part stayed outside the sanctuary, and Tai slept barely inside of the sanctuary. Meanwhile, Putra paced around the sanctuary, not sleeping. When they woke up, Lestari had a lot of extra energy. The spirit of Leadership checked in with the group, mentioning that others had joined Fire’s forces. They now had a force of about 50 strong.

The group joined Fire’s camp for breakfast. While they were there, a messenger came running in. They were exhausted and delivered a message to Strategy and Tactics. The two spirits convinced the messenger to stay for food.

With relation to the group, the human soldiers of Fire stayed away and whispered, while the elementals did not care.

After eating breakfast, the group headed out west. Tai picked up Putra and Putra fell asleep. Eventually, the group reached the sanctuary of Fire. There was a central brazier and sconces outlining the grove. Fire lit the central bonfire and the sconces lit up, revealing stone benches around the clearing.

The group is invited to make themselves comfortable. After a moment, a wood elemental, two water and two stone elementals come in. Tai went up to greet the stone elementals, who reveal that they are here on behalf of Stone, in case Fire has messages to deliver. Tai asked if he could visit sometime, and the stone elementals responded by saying that was his master’s choice and wondered why he was there. Tai said that they were here to address Life and Death. With that done, the stone elementals said their goodbyes, and Tai went to speak to leadership. Supremacy was racist against elementals, and then Leadership said there would be a planning meeting in the morning. They asked Tai to bring that information to Lestari. Tai did so, and then the group went to sleep.

An elemental comes to wake the group up, and tells Tai to tell Lestari and Putra that they are needed. The group goes to the meeting, where they see a conference table, benches and a map on the table. The group exchanges greetings, and then Strategy poses the question of whether or not they should ask for help from the siblings. The downsides of this plan are: If something happens to all five of the siblings, that could be very bad. Also, there were worries about infighting among the elementals. However, on the other side of this were worries that the group could not afford not to.

Fire also brought up hope that messengers would come back with a timetable for when her forces would be able to return. The strategy meeting also theorized other possible nobles who could help. The group discussed that there is one who could remove the domains from the spirit. However, the group decided not to do this, in part for fear of the precedent it would set. The group considered as well instating or finding a spirit of Magic.

At this point, one member of the group brought up the fact that the army will need to face dragons. To do this, the group would need some way to fight aerial battles. Lestari brought up the spirit of birds as a possibility, if the spirit’s forces were enhanced by magic.

Following this conversation, Tai suggested that we send a small force to do scouting before deciding on concrete plans. He volunteered himself, as well as any who would be willing to join him. He also recommended that Fire send a representative along with the group.

The group decided to break until afternoon, and send out messages. Putra and Lestari send messages to the Voice. The Voice and the two of them talk, and Lestari comes out of the trance shocked. Ratu was dead.

Meanwhile, Tai was speaking to Aether elementals. After the conversation, he realized what was happening with Putra and Lestari. At this point, a bird landed on Lestari’s shoulder. (It was carrying a scroll.) At this, Lestari burst out in tears, and then two stone elementals entered the clearing.

Session 10
The Overgrown Grave

Once both sides of the argument between Lestari and Fire had time to calm themselves, Fire apologized to Lestari and the two agree that their groups should work together towards eliminating the new spirit of Life and Death and instate proper spirits in those domains. Throughout the groups’ interactions Fire was dismissive of Tai, seeming to consider him of little to no real worth. Through strategic discussions and analyzing the map, Tai determined that the point that Lestari found in the mountains is actually the new spirit of Life and Death, and that that was where they needed to go. The plan became to travel to Fire’s sanctuary, passing through Death’s sanctuary, to muster forces before marching on Life and Death. Discussion was cut short when Fire commented that she has disposable troops, but that she still values both life and death and Putra reacted with an angry outburst of death magic towards Fire, which she seemed more pleased to feel than hurt.
Both groups moved through a pair of villages, turning many heads, most scared of Fire’s force.
They set up camp near Death’s shrine, and Putra went to look at it with Tai while Lestari set up camp. The shrine was overgrown with vines and other plants. When Putra looked into the pit at the center of the shrine he noticed movement among the bones, and soon it became clear that there were more animated skeletons in this desecrated shrine. As Putra and Tai started to deal with the skeletons and spirits another appeared from outside the pit, the skeleton and spirit of the previous Death. Putra called Lestari over to help and she tangled skeletons in vines so that they could speak with the old Death with less worry. Through speaking with Death, Putra realized that he was able to take on the responsibility of finalizing Death’s passing, and killed Death’s spirit by standing inside it and washing it in death magic. Once the encounter was over Lestari and Tai went back to rest, and Putra meditated in the shrine by pacing patterns of death into the growhts.

Session 9: On the Hill
In which negotiations almost break down

Following Lestari’s suggestion, the group determined that they would travel to the Sanctuary of Mysticism and request a meeting with the Spirit of FIre there. They travelled first to the Sanctuary of Birds, to request that the Spirit have a couple of birds carry their letter to Fire. While Lestari penned a letter, Tai opened a latent connection to Fire to determine her location. He chose to keep this connection open, despite that FIre took notice of the connection. They rested for the day, having travelled through the night to reach the Sanctuary of Birds as quickly as possible.

That evening, they travelled onwards to the Sanctuary of Mysticism, arriving before daybreak. Mysticism was unsettled when the group explained their intent; the Spirit feared what would happen should the Domain of Mysticism fall into the hands of Fire.

The Spirit of Fire arrived with a small force of guards (elementals & humans), and six of her generals. After formally acknowledging each other, Lestari requested that Fire drink from Mysticism’s lake with the group. Fire accepted, on condition that she be allowed to ask questions of Lestari afterwards. Four of Fire’s generals joined the vision as well.

The five scenes from Lestari’s memory played. I don’t have these on hand currently.

Fire seemed to take particular interest in the final three scenes, replaying them several times. Afterwards, the group started sharing other memories, of the Sanctuaries of Life & Death, as well as their recent dreams. In particular, Putra shared his dream of five words: Danye, Ambition, Life, Death, Dragon. Two of the generals began to share their own memories from the destruction of Malakah, but were mildly rebuked by Fire.

Gradually, people exited the vision. Fire questioned that she was expected to change her intentions based on this information. In particular, she dismissed the threat of a Danye in any capacity. At this, Tai started to protest, but was compelled to silence. Fire continued, saying that regardless of the individual who is responsible, her force would be capable of handling it.

Lestari argued the point, and tensions rose. For Fire, the issue is very personal, and she took offense at many of Lestari’s words. While Fire became more angry and agitated, Lestari seemed to become more collected. Finally, she collected her energy and released a burst of life into the area, demonstrating the path she had chosen. This angered Fire further, and a fight seemed imminent

At this point, Putra and one of Fire’s generals interceded and brought the two apart, determining that no good would come of the debate continuing.

A Grove in the Forest

The night passed uneventfully, however everybody slept apart. Tai woke up first, and we ate dried fruits. Tai tried to break the silence with small talk, but got little response. the group arrived in a small cleaning that people had been around two or three days ago. Lestari suggested that the group separate to look for clues. She found a small group of people, about 20 or 25 of them. However, she takes a while, hoping that Putra and Tai work out their differences. They don’t, Putra follows Lestari sneakily, and Tai hears the people and follows. A lot of the people had old scars, like from battle. Some had otherworldly traits. The group went back to follow some shod prints. They found a place where some people slept, then heard a scream and panic from the village behind The village/group was being rampaged through by guardsmen. One was chasing after a kid. Tai went after the guard, trying to stop him to no avail. He called out a few times, but then grabbed the guard by the hair. The grabbed guard was aggressive and called Tai a slave. Tai asked if Putra or Lestari would like to talk to them. Putra went over to ask what was going on, and they reply that they were honing their skills. Putra got them to leave and go try to take the nearby town back from the Children of Life. The villagers were terrified. One of the children approached Putra, but he ignored them. Tai was unhappy about this.
From there, the group arrived at the sanctuary of life. It was very desecrated. Putra and Tai noticed that something was moving, out of the corner of their eye. Lestari told Putra and Tai to talk out their problems and keep watch while she tried to figure out what was going on. Putra and Tai see the skeletons moving, and ghosts. Putra tries to wake Les, but to no avail. Tai heats up the ground, and the skeletons move in. Tai lights two of the skeletons on fire. Putra attacks one of the skeletons. The skeletons attack back. At this point, Lestari woke up and did some more mysticism, then exhuded life energy. Combat continues…
One of the skeletons burned Lestari’s leg. Eventually, the skeletons were dropped. Tai and Putra attempted to cremate the dead. They consider whether to do it in the sanctuary. The spirits get agitated at that idea. Tai, while Putra continued to work on the graveyard, tends to Les. Putra makes a pyre, and put the bones in it. Lestari reveals what she learned about the place. The Spirit of Life had died. There was a new spirit of Life appointed. There is no flavor or personality to their life, just life itself. Then the grove was desecrated.
Tai goes to the pyre and lights it. In doing so, he says some words. As Tai does so, the spirits approach, then vanish.
Putra brought Lestari to the center of the grove, at her bequest, where she fell asleep. Putra tries to pull out death, but doing so hurt Lestari.
Tai went nostalgic, and Putra went to go learn more about Tauno. In the morning, Lestari suggested that they need to see the spirit of fire.

Session 7: The River and the Stone
In which we are taught about persuasion

We journeyed further to the north, and stopped at an inn to speak with the spirit living there. The inn was tended by a little old lady, with the help of her fire elemental Yong. While taking tea at her insistence, Lestari determined that the woman is the Spirit of Words that Convince the Most Stubborn of Minds. We requested a room for the night, hoping to get a chance to talk to her. She pointed us back to the room, saying that she would be back there in a bit.

After an hour or so, we got impatient and prepared to leave, planning to return in the evening to speak with her. However, she stopped us on our way out, saying that she was just coming to speak with us. We went back to the room, and she talked with us about persuasion. Persuasion, she said, is about changing what people think they need. Simply trying to make arguments to change their actions won’t be good enough. While she would not give her allegiance against the Children of Life, she gave this lesson about persuasion, as a blessing.

After she left, Lestari wondered whether we should keep talking to spirit nobles, or do something else. After some discussion, we determined that we would visit the Sanctuaries of Life and Death, to see if we could figure out more about what had happened before the Children of the Life had begun destroying the land.

In the morning, we headed out. We stopped by a village, intending to get supplies including better clothing for Putra. Lestari and Tai posed as an Unmoving and his elemental, and entered the market. Meanwhile, Putra was picking pockets. Putra attempted to sneak the money into Lestari’s purse, but Lestari noticed someone at her purse, and hit him, shouting “THIEF!” The local guards took notice of the scene. Tai “threatened” Putra away, but Putra was grabbed by the guards. Putra attacked them with death magic, knocking one guard to the ground.

Lestari shouted “FREEZE” in a commanding tone, and approached the guards. The fallen guard struggled to his feet and drew a blade on Lestari. Putra attacked him again, and he collapsed. Tai picked Putra up and moved him away from the guards. He then turned and snapped the fallen guard’s neck.

Lestari spoke to the other guard, telling him to let Putra go rather than killing him – she will have no more conflict today. As a sign of this, Lestari released healing into the area, healing the guard’s broken leg. The three of them left the marketplace, and bought clothing for Putra.

Afterwards, in a camp outside of the village, after Lestari went to bed early, Tai took Putra to task for using death lightly. Putra protested that death was his profession. Tai wished that Putra had met Tauno, but Putra pointed out that’s not his fault, and Tai deflated. Putra mentioned that not all deaths are easy, and Tai became enraged once more: what does he know of difficult deaths. Has he ever had to kill anyone he cared about? Putra stormed out, and Tai stewed silently. And if Lestari was awake, she probably was upset too.

Session 6
Questions in the Form of Answers

They awoke in the domain of Birds, Lestari woke up first and created a handful of birdseed for the chickadee that has taken a liking to her. Later Putra woke up and tried to do the same, but when he did the remainders of Lestari’s seeds sank into the ground as some seeds appeared in his hand. Fortunately for the chickadee, Lestari noticed that Putra had accidentally created poison before the chickadee could eat them. Lestari then made breakfast of fruit for the group before they moved on, looking for the spirit of Stealth.
They found Stealth in a small grove, and after talking to him he agreed to not act against humans, but would not agree to join their cause.
Moving on, the group journeyed to the domain of Mysticism, a small mountain surrounded by fog with a hot spring at the peak. Several spirits and humans were meditating around the waters of the spring, and an aether and a water spirit welcomed the group to sit around the spring and drink of its waters. They sat by the water and Lestari meditated while Tai and Putra took in the scene. Putra decided to drink of the water, and Lestari did as well. When they did they entered into a shared vision. They saw a road before them, one path leading to the imperial palace, one into a forest that was spring on one side and winter on the other. Though they felt a slight draw towards the palace, Lestari and Putra followed the forest path. Eventually they came to a split again and Lestari stopped to meditate and faded from the vision. Putra continued down the winter path, and found he felt like he belonged there before he too left the vision. Upon awaking Mysticism spoke to Tai, Putra, and Lestari, and tried to help Lestari and Putra accept that they may be supposed to take up the mantles of the spirits of Life and Death respectively. After this conversation, Tai drank from the pool, but stayed quiet about what he saw. They left Mysticism’s domain knowing that he would almost certainly stay neutral, and having learned more about themselves.
They then headed to a nearby town to buy a cloak and hood for Tai. They caught the attention of a shoe peddler, but managed to go with their identities undiscovered. The cloak they bought for Tai was expensive for the amount of money they had with them, but Putra managed to pickpocket several people in the busy marketplace to recover the cost.

Session 5: A Story to be Told

Game started out with the group leaving the warehouse where we were camped out. We traveled northwards towards an inn. Inside the inn was a girl, playing with toys, and several people standing around drinking and eating. In the corner there was a sketchy guy standing around. Putra snuck behind the sketchy guy, while Lestari played with the girl, eventually beginning to swap stories with her. Meanwhile, Tai volunteered to help out at the inn, volunteering his services at the hearth for food and drink. Eventually, Putra grew curious, and tapped the sketchy guy on the shoulder. The sketchy guy turned, pulling a knife on Putra, Lestari jumped up, instinctively calling on magic, and teleported to Putra. On the other side of the room, Tai walked in carrying tea.
The sketchy guy was terrified by Putra, who was being scary. Lestari tried to be comforting, but to no avail. Eventually, we learned that the sketchy guy was named Michi. Lestari tapped Michi on the shoulder and said, “Good Luck”. People got freaked out and started trying to leave. Meanwhile, Lestari and Putra sat back down with the girl, who had since been deduced to be the Spirit of Stories. We learned that her name was Chouko. After telling stories back and forth, Chouko eventually forgot a story, and went to the back room to remember. We asked her what was back there, but she said she wasn’t supposed to bring people back there.
We snuck back there anyway. In the back were a lot of unwashed sleeping people and a large wooden chest. The spirit opened the chest, which was full of scrolls, and read to us the story of the spirit of Clouds that look like Ducks.
We then went to go try to find the next spirit noble, only to find it empty, the spirit noble dead. The place was a tower with no door, but Putra still climbed up to the window and climbed in. Tai got lost in thought and then remembered that he’d been to several spirit noble rituals, namely the spirit of Humanity, at coronation. We decide the best option may be Michi, whom Putra found out was to the south.
We, however, determine we wouldn’t be able to find him. Putra found an entrance, and we went in. Tai determined that the spirit inside was killed by blunt force trauma, and Lestari determined that Strength was behind it. We decided that to replace the spirit noble of Defense, we should find a royal guardsman who was still loyal. Lestari focused and found several royal guardsmen camped to the forest in the south west.
We headed first to the spirit of birds. The turkey aggressed, Putra responded, contending with the turkey. A swan in the lake moved forward, aggressing. Tai attempted to interpose himself between the swan and the turkey, while Putra locked it down. Lestari moved towards the turkey. Then the swan transformed into human form, participating in a verbal duel with Putra. Lestari, as a gift, attempted to make some bird seed, but ended up with far more than expected. We are invited to stay for dinner. Diplomacy happened, and ended with Putra having to apologize to the turkey and the swan.

Session 4 (Retcon)

Cahaya, Tai, Putra, Intan, Ratu, and the Voice escaped to a gardening shed on the edge of the property. Koizumi had headed back to the Spirit of Compassion and Justice instead. In the shed, Cahaya revealed to Tai that he was actually Lestari II, heiress to the empire.

Ratu was very suspicious of Tai, and pressed him for information until he revealed that he had been tasked by Tauno with protecting and serving Lestari. This upset Lestari considerably, because she felt she had lost one of her few friends.

Lestari, Putra, and Tai went into town to get food for the group. After spending some time bumbling around, Tai finally managed to successfully express (or at least he think he was successful) that he wanted to be Lestari’s friend.

It was revealed that Tauno (now dead) was the Spirit of Peace. The group considered replacing the Spirit of Peace (which would require returning to the Spirit’s home), but decided that they shouldn’t do that yet.

Lestari, Putra, and Tai determined that they would set out and find spirits to try and ally with. The Voice provided them with a map of the Spirits in the region.

[This abridged log brought to you by procrastination and lots of character drama]

Session 4

So, the group woke up, having barely escaped from The Man in the Blue Shirt. They woke up slowly, Cahaya first, then Koizumi and then the others, one after another. They talked for a while, Koizumi noticing that the Voice seemed rather not well. Eventually, Intan and Ratu left on their own, going to rally humanity. During this time, Ratu revealed that she was the empress and that Cahaya, Putra, and Intan are her children. Eventually, Cahaya, Putra, Koizumi and the Voice left to go check out a spirit noble in the area.

On the way to find the spirit noble, Cahaya revealed that he was actually Lestari, heir to the empress. (And Putra revealed that he was actually she, not he.) Koizumi also convinced the Voice to let her heal him.

The group eventually got to the spirit noble’s domain, which was covered in birds. Koizumi chased some of the birds around for a while. The group got to the spirit who appeared as a swan. The spirit transformed into a young man, in response to Koizumi transforming into her human form. They convinced the spirit noble to help the group’s cause, partially by Koizumi apologizing to the turkey she wronged. As thanks, Cahaya tried to summon bird seed and eventually summoned a veritable river. The group asked to stay the night at the spirit of Birds domain, and before going to sleep Koizumi attempted to heal the Voice.


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