The Hunting

Session 9: On the Hill

In which negotiations almost break down

Following Lestari’s suggestion, the group determined that they would travel to the Sanctuary of Mysticism and request a meeting with the Spirit of FIre there. They travelled first to the Sanctuary of Birds, to request that the Spirit have a couple of birds carry their letter to Fire. While Lestari penned a letter, Tai opened a latent connection to Fire to determine her location. He chose to keep this connection open, despite that FIre took notice of the connection. They rested for the day, having travelled through the night to reach the Sanctuary of Birds as quickly as possible.

That evening, they travelled onwards to the Sanctuary of Mysticism, arriving before daybreak. Mysticism was unsettled when the group explained their intent; the Spirit feared what would happen should the Domain of Mysticism fall into the hands of Fire.

The Spirit of Fire arrived with a small force of guards (elementals & humans), and six of her generals. After formally acknowledging each other, Lestari requested that Fire drink from Mysticism’s lake with the group. Fire accepted, on condition that she be allowed to ask questions of Lestari afterwards. Four of Fire’s generals joined the vision as well.

The five scenes from Lestari’s memory played. I don’t have these on hand currently.

Fire seemed to take particular interest in the final three scenes, replaying them several times. Afterwards, the group started sharing other memories, of the Sanctuaries of Life & Death, as well as their recent dreams. In particular, Putra shared his dream of five words: Danye, Ambition, Life, Death, Dragon. Two of the generals began to share their own memories from the destruction of Malakah, but were mildly rebuked by Fire.

Gradually, people exited the vision. Fire questioned that she was expected to change her intentions based on this information. In particular, she dismissed the threat of a Danye in any capacity. At this, Tai started to protest, but was compelled to silence. Fire continued, saying that regardless of the individual who is responsible, her force would be capable of handling it.

Lestari argued the point, and tensions rose. For Fire, the issue is very personal, and she took offense at many of Lestari’s words. While Fire became more angry and agitated, Lestari seemed to become more collected. Finally, she collected her energy and released a burst of life into the area, demonstrating the path she had chosen. This angered Fire further, and a fight seemed imminent

At this point, Putra and one of Fire’s generals interceded and brought the two apart, determining that no good would come of the debate continuing.



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