The Hunting

Session 7: The River and the Stone

In which we are taught about persuasion

We journeyed further to the north, and stopped at an inn to speak with the spirit living there. The inn was tended by a little old lady, with the help of her fire elemental Yong. While taking tea at her insistence, Lestari determined that the woman is the Spirit of Words that Convince the Most Stubborn of Minds. We requested a room for the night, hoping to get a chance to talk to her. She pointed us back to the room, saying that she would be back there in a bit.

After an hour or so, we got impatient and prepared to leave, planning to return in the evening to speak with her. However, she stopped us on our way out, saying that she was just coming to speak with us. We went back to the room, and she talked with us about persuasion. Persuasion, she said, is about changing what people think they need. Simply trying to make arguments to change their actions won’t be good enough. While she would not give her allegiance against the Children of Life, she gave this lesson about persuasion, as a blessing.

After she left, Lestari wondered whether we should keep talking to spirit nobles, or do something else. After some discussion, we determined that we would visit the Sanctuaries of Life and Death, to see if we could figure out more about what had happened before the Children of the Life had begun destroying the land.

In the morning, we headed out. We stopped by a village, intending to get supplies including better clothing for Putra. Lestari and Tai posed as an Unmoving and his elemental, and entered the market. Meanwhile, Putra was picking pockets. Putra attempted to sneak the money into Lestari’s purse, but Lestari noticed someone at her purse, and hit him, shouting “THIEF!” The local guards took notice of the scene. Tai “threatened” Putra away, but Putra was grabbed by the guards. Putra attacked them with death magic, knocking one guard to the ground.

Lestari shouted “FREEZE” in a commanding tone, and approached the guards. The fallen guard struggled to his feet and drew a blade on Lestari. Putra attacked him again, and he collapsed. Tai picked Putra up and moved him away from the guards. He then turned and snapped the fallen guard’s neck.

Lestari spoke to the other guard, telling him to let Putra go rather than killing him – she will have no more conflict today. As a sign of this, Lestari released healing into the area, healing the guard’s broken leg. The three of them left the marketplace, and bought clothing for Putra.

Afterwards, in a camp outside of the village, after Lestari went to bed early, Tai took Putra to task for using death lightly. Putra protested that death was his profession. Tai wished that Putra had met Tauno, but Putra pointed out that’s not his fault, and Tai deflated. Putra mentioned that not all deaths are easy, and Tai became enraged once more: what does he know of difficult deaths. Has he ever had to kill anyone he cared about? Putra stormed out, and Tai stewed silently. And if Lestari was awake, she probably was upset too.



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