The Hunting

Session 6

Questions in the Form of Answers

They awoke in the domain of Birds, Lestari woke up first and created a handful of birdseed for the chickadee that has taken a liking to her. Later Putra woke up and tried to do the same, but when he did the remainders of Lestari’s seeds sank into the ground as some seeds appeared in his hand. Fortunately for the chickadee, Lestari noticed that Putra had accidentally created poison before the chickadee could eat them. Lestari then made breakfast of fruit for the group before they moved on, looking for the spirit of Stealth.
They found Stealth in a small grove, and after talking to him he agreed to not act against humans, but would not agree to join their cause.
Moving on, the group journeyed to the domain of Mysticism, a small mountain surrounded by fog with a hot spring at the peak. Several spirits and humans were meditating around the waters of the spring, and an aether and a water spirit welcomed the group to sit around the spring and drink of its waters. They sat by the water and Lestari meditated while Tai and Putra took in the scene. Putra decided to drink of the water, and Lestari did as well. When they did they entered into a shared vision. They saw a road before them, one path leading to the imperial palace, one into a forest that was spring on one side and winter on the other. Though they felt a slight draw towards the palace, Lestari and Putra followed the forest path. Eventually they came to a split again and Lestari stopped to meditate and faded from the vision. Putra continued down the winter path, and found he felt like he belonged there before he too left the vision. Upon awaking Mysticism spoke to Tai, Putra, and Lestari, and tried to help Lestari and Putra accept that they may be supposed to take up the mantles of the spirits of Life and Death respectively. After this conversation, Tai drank from the pool, but stayed quiet about what he saw. They left Mysticism’s domain knowing that he would almost certainly stay neutral, and having learned more about themselves.
They then headed to a nearby town to buy a cloak and hood for Tai. They caught the attention of a shoe peddler, but managed to go with their identities undiscovered. The cloak they bought for Tai was expensive for the amount of money they had with them, but Putra managed to pickpocket several people in the busy marketplace to recover the cost.



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