The Hunting

Session 5: A Story to be Told

Game started out with the group leaving the warehouse where we were camped out. We traveled northwards towards an inn. Inside the inn was a girl, playing with toys, and several people standing around drinking and eating. In the corner there was a sketchy guy standing around. Putra snuck behind the sketchy guy, while Lestari played with the girl, eventually beginning to swap stories with her. Meanwhile, Tai volunteered to help out at the inn, volunteering his services at the hearth for food and drink. Eventually, Putra grew curious, and tapped the sketchy guy on the shoulder. The sketchy guy turned, pulling a knife on Putra, Lestari jumped up, instinctively calling on magic, and teleported to Putra. On the other side of the room, Tai walked in carrying tea.
The sketchy guy was terrified by Putra, who was being scary. Lestari tried to be comforting, but to no avail. Eventually, we learned that the sketchy guy was named Michi. Lestari tapped Michi on the shoulder and said, “Good Luck”. People got freaked out and started trying to leave. Meanwhile, Lestari and Putra sat back down with the girl, who had since been deduced to be the Spirit of Stories. We learned that her name was Chouko. After telling stories back and forth, Chouko eventually forgot a story, and went to the back room to remember. We asked her what was back there, but she said she wasn’t supposed to bring people back there.
We snuck back there anyway. In the back were a lot of unwashed sleeping people and a large wooden chest. The spirit opened the chest, which was full of scrolls, and read to us the story of the spirit of Clouds that look like Ducks.
We then went to go try to find the next spirit noble, only to find it empty, the spirit noble dead. The place was a tower with no door, but Putra still climbed up to the window and climbed in. Tai got lost in thought and then remembered that he’d been to several spirit noble rituals, namely the spirit of Humanity, at coronation. We decide the best option may be Michi, whom Putra found out was to the south.
We, however, determine we wouldn’t be able to find him. Putra found an entrance, and we went in. Tai determined that the spirit inside was killed by blunt force trauma, and Lestari determined that Strength was behind it. We decided that to replace the spirit noble of Defense, we should find a royal guardsman who was still loyal. Lestari focused and found several royal guardsmen camped to the forest in the south west.
We headed first to the spirit of birds. The turkey aggressed, Putra responded, contending with the turkey. A swan in the lake moved forward, aggressing. Tai attempted to interpose himself between the swan and the turkey, while Putra locked it down. Lestari moved towards the turkey. Then the swan transformed into human form, participating in a verbal duel with Putra. Lestari, as a gift, attempted to make some bird seed, but ended up with far more than expected. We are invited to stay for dinner. Diplomacy happened, and ended with Putra having to apologize to the turkey and the swan.



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