The Hunting

Session 4 (Retcon)

Cahaya, Tai, Putra, Intan, Ratu, and the Voice escaped to a gardening shed on the edge of the property. Koizumi had headed back to the Spirit of Compassion and Justice instead. In the shed, Cahaya revealed to Tai that he was actually Lestari II, heiress to the empire.

Ratu was very suspicious of Tai, and pressed him for information until he revealed that he had been tasked by Tauno with protecting and serving Lestari. This upset Lestari considerably, because she felt she had lost one of her few friends.

Lestari, Putra, and Tai went into town to get food for the group. After spending some time bumbling around, Tai finally managed to successfully express (or at least he think he was successful) that he wanted to be Lestari’s friend.

It was revealed that Tauno (now dead) was the Spirit of Peace. The group considered replacing the Spirit of Peace (which would require returning to the Spirit’s home), but decided that they shouldn’t do that yet.

Lestari, Putra, and Tai determined that they would set out and find spirits to try and ally with. The Voice provided them with a map of the Spirits in the region.

[This abridged log brought to you by procrastination and lots of character drama]



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