The Hunting

Session 4

So, the group woke up, having barely escaped from The Man in the Blue Shirt. They woke up slowly, Cahaya first, then Koizumi and then the others, one after another. They talked for a while, Koizumi noticing that the Voice seemed rather not well. Eventually, Intan and Ratu left on their own, going to rally humanity. During this time, Ratu revealed that she was the empress and that Cahaya, Putra, and Intan are her children. Eventually, Cahaya, Putra, Koizumi and the Voice left to go check out a spirit noble in the area.

On the way to find the spirit noble, Cahaya revealed that he was actually Lestari, heir to the empress. (And Putra revealed that he was actually she, not he.) Koizumi also convinced the Voice to let her heal him.

The group eventually got to the spirit noble’s domain, which was covered in birds. Koizumi chased some of the birds around for a while. The group got to the spirit who appeared as a swan. The spirit transformed into a young man, in response to Koizumi transforming into her human form. They convinced the spirit noble to help the group’s cause, partially by Koizumi apologizing to the turkey she wronged. As thanks, Cahaya tried to summon bird seed and eventually summoned a veritable river. The group asked to stay the night at the spirit of Birds domain, and before going to sleep Koizumi attempted to heal the Voice.



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