The Hunting

Session 11

Where we last left off, the party was at the sanctuary of death. Lestari for the most part stayed outside the sanctuary, and Tai slept barely inside of the sanctuary. Meanwhile, Putra paced around the sanctuary, not sleeping. When they woke up, Lestari had a lot of extra energy. The spirit of Leadership checked in with the group, mentioning that others had joined Fire’s forces. They now had a force of about 50 strong.

The group joined Fire’s camp for breakfast. While they were there, a messenger came running in. They were exhausted and delivered a message to Strategy and Tactics. The two spirits convinced the messenger to stay for food.

With relation to the group, the human soldiers of Fire stayed away and whispered, while the elementals did not care.

After eating breakfast, the group headed out west. Tai picked up Putra and Putra fell asleep. Eventually, the group reached the sanctuary of Fire. There was a central brazier and sconces outlining the grove. Fire lit the central bonfire and the sconces lit up, revealing stone benches around the clearing.

The group is invited to make themselves comfortable. After a moment, a wood elemental, two water and two stone elementals come in. Tai went up to greet the stone elementals, who reveal that they are here on behalf of Stone, in case Fire has messages to deliver. Tai asked if he could visit sometime, and the stone elementals responded by saying that was his master’s choice and wondered why he was there. Tai said that they were here to address Life and Death. With that done, the stone elementals said their goodbyes, and Tai went to speak to leadership. Supremacy was racist against elementals, and then Leadership said there would be a planning meeting in the morning. They asked Tai to bring that information to Lestari. Tai did so, and then the group went to sleep.

An elemental comes to wake the group up, and tells Tai to tell Lestari and Putra that they are needed. The group goes to the meeting, where they see a conference table, benches and a map on the table. The group exchanges greetings, and then Strategy poses the question of whether or not they should ask for help from the siblings. The downsides of this plan are: If something happens to all five of the siblings, that could be very bad. Also, there were worries about infighting among the elementals. However, on the other side of this were worries that the group could not afford not to.

Fire also brought up hope that messengers would come back with a timetable for when her forces would be able to return. The strategy meeting also theorized other possible nobles who could help. The group discussed that there is one who could remove the domains from the spirit. However, the group decided not to do this, in part for fear of the precedent it would set. The group considered as well instating or finding a spirit of Magic.

At this point, one member of the group brought up the fact that the army will need to face dragons. To do this, the group would need some way to fight aerial battles. Lestari brought up the spirit of birds as a possibility, if the spirit’s forces were enhanced by magic.

Following this conversation, Tai suggested that we send a small force to do scouting before deciding on concrete plans. He volunteered himself, as well as any who would be willing to join him. He also recommended that Fire send a representative along with the group.

The group decided to break until afternoon, and send out messages. Putra and Lestari send messages to the Voice. The Voice and the two of them talk, and Lestari comes out of the trance shocked. Ratu was dead.

Meanwhile, Tai was speaking to Aether elementals. After the conversation, he realized what was happening with Putra and Lestari. At this point, a bird landed on Lestari’s shoulder. (It was carrying a scroll.) At this, Lestari burst out in tears, and then two stone elementals entered the clearing.



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