The Hunting

Session 10

The Overgrown Grave

Once both sides of the argument between Lestari and Fire had time to calm themselves, Fire apologized to Lestari and the two agree that their groups should work together towards eliminating the new spirit of Life and Death and instate proper spirits in those domains. Throughout the groups’ interactions Fire was dismissive of Tai, seeming to consider him of little to no real worth. Through strategic discussions and analyzing the map, Tai determined that the point that Lestari found in the mountains is actually the new spirit of Life and Death, and that that was where they needed to go. The plan became to travel to Fire’s sanctuary, passing through Death’s sanctuary, to muster forces before marching on Life and Death. Discussion was cut short when Fire commented that she has disposable troops, but that she still values both life and death and Putra reacted with an angry outburst of death magic towards Fire, which she seemed more pleased to feel than hurt.
Both groups moved through a pair of villages, turning many heads, most scared of Fire’s force.
They set up camp near Death’s shrine, and Putra went to look at it with Tai while Lestari set up camp. The shrine was overgrown with vines and other plants. When Putra looked into the pit at the center of the shrine he noticed movement among the bones, and soon it became clear that there were more animated skeletons in this desecrated shrine. As Putra and Tai started to deal with the skeletons and spirits another appeared from outside the pit, the skeleton and spirit of the previous Death. Putra called Lestari over to help and she tangled skeletons in vines so that they could speak with the old Death with less worry. Through speaking with Death, Putra realized that he was able to take on the responsibility of finalizing Death’s passing, and killed Death’s spirit by standing inside it and washing it in death magic. Once the encounter was over Lestari and Tai went back to rest, and Putra meditated in the shrine by pacing patterns of death into the growhts.



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