The Hunting

Session 13

The group was dropped off on the far end of the river. The fisherwoman and apprentice did not stick around for too long. On the other side of the river, the group saw steep banks heading up towards the mountains. Tai, not mincing words, headed directly up to dry land. Putra and Lestari followed.

In the foothills, the group found a small village of humans. They made their way down the hill to the village. The group noticed that, one, they did not see any beggar types, and two, they could not really tell caste by clothing.

The group entered via farms on the outskirts. They received some strange looks coming through, the farmers were curious as to why the group was coming from the east. When the group got into the village, Putra started by pickpocketing a coin. He noticed that it appeared slightly differently than our coins, and was a different material. He then got it to Lestari.

At this point, Tai suggested that the group go into an eatery. The one that the group found was a diner type, where they got bread, fruits and vegetables. The group asked if there is anything that they should know about the village. The waitress did not know what to say, and asked where the group is from. The group replied by saying that they are from the east. The waitress was concerned.

The group continued to ask questions. They learned that the ancestors of the people here were not accepted by the eastern nobility. The group then realized that they did not have the money to pay for their meal, so they offered to help as much as they could. The girl asked for information about eastern leadership. Lestari answered that Ratu had recently passed, and unwittingly gave herself away by instinct. The waitress barely kept from asking a question, then bolted.

The group then left for the foothills. A dragon flew past, picked up a cougar, and then flew back. The group made it to the top of the mountain. They decided to rest at the top. At this point, they heard a large explosion sound and saw a large bonfire start. Putra started at the noise, then hid away. Eventually the group settled down, and fell asleep.

In the morning, the group woke up. They approached the point on the map, which was where the bonfire was. The group found people and dragons there, and noticed that it exhudes mysticism. The group decided that the best option was for Putra to go in invisibly. The first thing that Putra discovered is that, yes, the dragons and people can talk to each other. The people were very respectful to the dragons.

The building was huge. Inside, Putra found a throne room with a balcony. From there, Putra continued to explore the building.

Meanwhile, Tai explored around the outside, and Lestari meditated. Lestari was contacted by Mysticism, who asked if he could help. Lestari replied by asking if there was a way to face the Spirit of Life and Death without also dealing with his dragons.

Putra continued exploring.

Lestari and Tai decided to go find a cave. At this point, Putra teleported back. He briefed Tai and Lestari on they layout and filled them in on the fact that the dragons were treated with deference.

Then, a dragon flew into the cave they were in. It was very annoyed, to say the least, that the group had entered its home uninvited. It spoke to the group, after Lestari tried to touch its leg to cast a speaking spell. It said that humans had promised to leave the dragons’ homes alone.

At this point, negotiations ensued. The dragon wanted to know why the group was there. Tai said that the group was there to investigate the role of Dragons with Life and Death. The dragon was confused,. Tai explained that the group had heard in the east that the spirit of Life and Death had allied himself with dragons. At this, the dragon snorted. Putra asked the dragon to explain itself further. The dragon responded by saying that there was no formal agreement, the Spirit of Life and Death appeared and positioned himself in such a way that the dragons could not make him leave. He had basically made slaves of the dragons. Putra determined that the Spirit of Life and Death had a third domain, dragons. This was how he forced the dragons to obey him.

At this point, the group had some philosophical discussions with the dragon. After a while, the group was finished talking with the dragon, and they bid there farewells. The dragon asked for the group’s forgiveness for what it may have to do. The group then discussed how to move forwards.



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