The Hunting

A Grove in the Forest

The night passed uneventfully, however everybody slept apart. Tai woke up first, and we ate dried fruits. Tai tried to break the silence with small talk, but got little response. the group arrived in a small cleaning that people had been around two or three days ago. Lestari suggested that the group separate to look for clues. She found a small group of people, about 20 or 25 of them. However, she takes a while, hoping that Putra and Tai work out their differences. They don’t, Putra follows Lestari sneakily, and Tai hears the people and follows. A lot of the people had old scars, like from battle. Some had otherworldly traits. The group went back to follow some shod prints. They found a place where some people slept, then heard a scream and panic from the village behind The village/group was being rampaged through by guardsmen. One was chasing after a kid. Tai went after the guard, trying to stop him to no avail. He called out a few times, but then grabbed the guard by the hair. The grabbed guard was aggressive and called Tai a slave. Tai asked if Putra or Lestari would like to talk to them. Putra went over to ask what was going on, and they reply that they were honing their skills. Putra got them to leave and go try to take the nearby town back from the Children of Life. The villagers were terrified. One of the children approached Putra, but he ignored them. Tai was unhappy about this.
From there, the group arrived at the sanctuary of life. It was very desecrated. Putra and Tai noticed that something was moving, out of the corner of their eye. Lestari told Putra and Tai to talk out their problems and keep watch while she tried to figure out what was going on. Putra and Tai see the skeletons moving, and ghosts. Putra tries to wake Les, but to no avail. Tai heats up the ground, and the skeletons move in. Tai lights two of the skeletons on fire. Putra attacks one of the skeletons. The skeletons attack back. At this point, Lestari woke up and did some more mysticism, then exhuded life energy. Combat continues…
One of the skeletons burned Lestari’s leg. Eventually, the skeletons were dropped. Tai and Putra attempted to cremate the dead. They consider whether to do it in the sanctuary. The spirits get agitated at that idea. Tai, while Putra continued to work on the graveyard, tends to Les. Putra makes a pyre, and put the bones in it. Lestari reveals what she learned about the place. The Spirit of Life had died. There was a new spirit of Life appointed. There is no flavor or personality to their life, just life itself. Then the grove was desecrated.
Tai goes to the pyre and lights it. In doing so, he says some words. As Tai does so, the spirits approach, then vanish.
Putra brought Lestari to the center of the grove, at her bequest, where she fell asleep. Putra tries to pull out death, but doing so hurt Lestari.
Tai went nostalgic, and Putra went to go learn more about Tauno. In the morning, Lestari suggested that they need to see the spirit of fire.



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